NOTE! WinCandide is a somewhat old software, and it has problems running on some Windows XP computers. I do not work at LiU anymore, and I do not have the time to rewrite it.
Jörgen Ahlberg, May 8, 2006.

NOTE 2! There is a new WinCandide software (WinCandide2) written by Mattias Strand available for download, including source code.
Jörgen Ahlberg, June 8, 2010.

WinCandide is a piece of software for handling face models like Candide. It runs in the Microsoft Windows environment.

WinCandide handles Action Units, Shape Units (as Action Units, but changes the static shape of the face model) and dynamic textures. Background images can be loaded and copied to the model for texture mapping. Video can be captured and copied to the texture as well.

WinCandide uses the Eru Face Model Library for wireframe handling, the Eru Image Processing Library for texture handling, and the Eru GL Render Library for rendering using OpenGL.

WinCandide is postcardware; if you use it, please send a postcard with a picture from your home town or university to the author. (If you don't bother to send a real postcard, you could at least send an electronic one).

WinCandide was implemented in Visual C++ by Jörgen Ahlberg in 2000-2003.


News in version 1.4

There has been a lot of changes, mainly due to remake of the supporting DLLs. Also, many bugs have removed (and probably a bunch of new ones have been introduced).

The main changes in the GUI are: